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Yoga & Surf Therapy

Slow down, take time
To observe, feel, marvel.

Breathe, open yourself to serenity...

This is the experience that Horizon K offers you during this retreat dedicated to your rejuvenation.
On the program, two yoga sessions per day, surf lessons, and healthy, local and vitalizing food.

The location : the priviledged setting of Villa Baboucha

Dates : May 22 to 26, 2024

The location : the privileged setting Villa Baboucha

Dates : May 22 to 26, 2024
Supervisors : Sonia (organizer and on-site representative),
Emilie (yoga teacher)
and Ali (surf teacher)
Energy : Reconnect with your roots, recharge your batteries, regeneration, renewal, calm, serenity


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Essaouira, or Mogador, was historically the home of many nomadic ethnic groups such as gnawas.

Today it is both a city of artists and athletes, which gives it such a special energy for the greatest pleasure of passing tourists.

Embraced by the Atlantic Ocean, Essaouira enjoys a mild micro-climate all year round. It warms up in winter and refreshes in summer, thanks to the wind; this is why its nickname is the of Cité des Alizées.

Villa Baboucha is a secluded ksar in the countryside of Essaouira, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and only 7 kms from the airport. It offers direct flights from Paris, Bruxelles and Madrid.

A haven of peace, authentic, ethical & chic, protected from the wind, with a heated pool all year round, indoor and outdoor spaces that privilege the tranquility and privacy of guests, a common lounge area that allows you to relax and talk peacefully with the yoga teacher, the surf instructor and the other speakers and supervisors of the retreat.

Each participant. e will enjoy the privacy and space of their private suite with bathroom and adjoining terraces.

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Food is the fuel of the body, but also of the mind and soul.

That’s why we work hand in hand with local producers and passionate chefs.

The meals will be essentially vegetarian with some fish dishes.

You can practice intermittent fasting to allow your digestive system to detoxify gently.

All meals will be provided by Pascal and his team; fruits, vegetables, herbs and herbs come from the Akal farm, located 20 km from Essaouira.

All the products used in the elaboration of healthy and gourmet recipes come from local sources and are of first freshness.

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Emilie is a passionate teacher, diligent yogi for 17 years.

She will guide the 2 daily practices of 2 hours each; dynamic and vitalizing yoga in the morning and gentle and rejuvenating yoga in the evening.

A deep exploration of the breath, an introduction to postures and the many other facets of yoga with a mixture of technicality and intuition.

During these practices, we will use different tools such as pranayamas (breathing techniques), asanas (static postures), mudras ("finger yoga"), mantras, meditation. We will also explore duo postures to connect together and evolve in postures thanks to body weight.

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Ali is a seasoned surfer who transmits his passion intuitively with great generosity.

Surfing will allow you to connect to the energy of the elements: the energizing fire of the sun, find your balance in the wind and move with the fluidity of the water.

Immersion in water also has multiple benefits on the health and vitality of body and mind.

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Arafat will deliver a deep and intuitive massage inspired by Swedish, Hawaiian and Thai techniques.

The alliance between technique and intuition guarantees you a moment of deep renewal and optimal recovery.

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You will enjoy two workshops around food. " Slow cooking" to reconnect to your sensations through slow cooking, and "slow eating" to (re)learn to feed yourself in awareness and enjoy each bite.

We are also planning a hike to introduce you to conscious walking, like a moving meditation.

Finally, a soundhealing will allow you to recharge your batteries at the cellular level thanks to the vibratory power of the instruments.

We will also have a reiki master present to provide treatments (at discretion)

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8h - 10h: Vitalizing yoga classes including pranayamas, mantras, asanas, partner yoga and adapted adjustments

10h - 11h30*: Free time, moment of sharing around the practice, healing in the garden or in your private suite, possibility to enjoy a treatment with our masseurs Arafat and Léa

11h30*: Healthy brunch under the pergola

* OR (if conditions are optimal): Healthy breakfast and surf lessons in Sidi Kaouki

Far niente afternoon, rest by the heated pool, treatments, workshops

5.00 - 7.00 pm: Gentle yoga class including soothing pranayamas, mudras, asanas, duo yoga

7 pm: Time for exchange around practice, free time

8 pm: Healthy and organic meal taken around the large table (dining room) or under the stars

Free time and night at the villa

Early Bird (until February 22): €1,050 in a full board private suite
Full board Private Suite (after February 22): €1,290

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