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✧ Free Dom ✧


Do you feel it ?

This deep batch of joy when you share an unstoppable laugh with your best friend.

This power when you dance on the track as if nothing could stop you.

This rightness, when you stand in front of the hierarchy to defend your values.

This excitement when you take your car, or your skate, to escape. Aimlessly.

We call it freedom.


take off your bra.

leave this job that does not fit you.

go to this concert.

declare your flame.

not only to the man or woman you chose at this time, but also to your parents, your children, your cousins, your dog, your goldfish, your turtle, the plants, the stars, the trees and the fridge.

Love without measure, create art, leave your mark as a flow of joy wherever you go.

Because in the end, my friend ... we only live once.