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✦ Affective Dependance ✦


I always thought that I was an independent girl, free, serene and sure of my choices.

I thought I was cool, in the right mood, most of the time.

I always thought that I would be able to control love when it came up, this breaking wave that is, in fact, difficult to channel.

Then, there was Him.

Passion, nights without sleep, loss of appetite.

The moods that did not fit with the one I was supposed to embody.

F**k, who am I ? This girl screaming, it's not me !

I have never been jealous, or possessive, at least not at this point.

Man, I do not like the state in which it puts me.

• Meditation •

• Space •

• Breathing •

Far from you, I find myself, I learn to breathe alone again.

Without anyone, I take back possession of my body, which fits with my mind.

I do not need a man's arms to surround me at night. My inner fire keeps me warm.

Alone, in my interiority, I refocus myself.

Yoga and readings feed me.

I express my emotions in painting and breath...

Soon, will come time to meet, to evolve together on the same frequency, with respect for everyone.

Respect, love, first pass by oneself, I understand these words.

I am the source of abundance.

To give and receive, I must first find my inner treasure.

Every moment that I spend alone allows me to dig a little deeper in search of this treasure.
Every moment that I spend with you is to share our treasures.

I know the way of my freedom and I take you there, to love each other totally and humbly.