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Sun Gazing

technique and benefits

We all appreciate a beautiful sunrise or sunset; but did you know that this practice has many benefits ?

Looking at the sun with awareness is called sun gazing. The practice of sun gazing is to look at the sun directly to strenghten the view and stimulate the pineal gland, center of circadian rhythm and intuition.

How to practice sun gazing ?

This practice must be done during the first hour after the sunrise or during the last hour before sunset.

It is recommended to start with sessions of 10 seconds per day for a few weeks and then gradually increase the duration of the practice.

Then, you can close your eyes, or put the palms of your hands in front of your eyes and watch the phosphenes (stains) dancing and moving behind the eyelids.


If you know that your eyes are particularly sensitive, refrain from sun gazing. If you have clear eyes, don't hesitate to keep your sun glasses. And, of course, listen to your body carefully !

Sun gazing from naturopathy's point of view

In naturopathy, it is customary to say that 'the function makes the organ', which means that by using our eyes, by stimulating their ability to adapt, we strenghten them. They become more sensitive and piercing.

Naturopathy uses nature to heal. Sun gazing is a natural practice that does not requires any external tools.

Many studies have shown that the sun and its light are essential and effective remedies to fight against seasonal depression.

Solar luminosity is involved, among other things, in the modulation between dopamine (awakening hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone). These regulate our circadian rhythm, which depends on the balance between day and night, from which our nervous system derives.

Located in the back of the eye, the retina captures light, its composition and its intensity. The informations are sent to the brain, whiches causes many reactions, among the two following, which are very important:

1. Dopamine secretion (motivation and arousal hormone)

2. Serotonin secretion (good mood hormone)

These two hormons are respectively precursors of adrenaline (to take action) and melatonin (promotes sleep when the time comes).

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Benefits of sun gazing

Sight improvement

Better mood

Regulation of appetite

More calm

Furthermore, exposure to orange light would particularly stimulate areas of the brain involved in the learning process.

At last, the focus of the gaze on a luminous fixed point (like a candle flame or the sun) would balance the 3rd eye chakra, in connection with the 6th sense.

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