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ღ Some reasons why I love you ღ

One day my heart was in pieces.

I picked them up and I glued the fragments.

Everyone could see it was patched up.

But my heart was still beating.

Every time my gaze landed on you, my heart was beating a little faster.

It was not easy to manage, it was even a little painful sometimes.

(But when you get used to it, it becomes nice !)

One day my heart was already in pieces. Beating faster when I saw you.

You were clumsy, and without doing it on purpose, you tore it up even more.

My mind remained without understanding.
But my heart was still beating.

There is no particular reason for me to love you.
It is nice most of the time, it is sore sometimes.

But, I can not stop my heart in pieces from loving you.

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